Types of Services

Not sure whether you need a Full Caravan Service, a Motorhome Habitation Service or just the Caravan Chassis inspected?

Then read our quick guides to decide which service is right for you.

Habitation Service
Chassis Service
Full Service

Habitation Service

A Caravan or Motorhome Habitation Service takes into account everything inside the caravan or motorhome and verifies everything is safe to use and running as it should. It includes:

  • Testing the 12v electrical systems and appliances are wired safely and working properly. The Leisure Battery is also checked.
  • Testing the 240v electrical systems and appliances, which includes checking your mains hook-up.
  • Verifying your Gas System is safe and not leaking. Checking all appliances are in good condition and components have not expired.
  • Testing all gas appliances are not producing Carbon Monoxide.
  • Testing your caravan or motorhome for Damp or Water Ingress and checking for signs of Delamination (when the glue between the layers wears off, resulting in a ‘bouncy’ floor).
  • Testing Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms, checking your Fire Extinguisher is the correct type, and testing Microwave Radiation Levels are safe.
  • Checking the Security of Doors, Lockers and Hatches.
  • Checking condition of Window Seals and the Ventilation Points are providing adequate airflow.

If you spend time in your caravan every year, then we recommend an Annual Habitation Service.

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Chassis Service

A Caravan Chassis Service checks the running gear of your caravan, which in other words is the parts that allow the caravan to be towed safely. It is important the caravan is roadworthy.

The chassis service is not available for motorhomes. A motorhome, like a car, will require an annual MOT carried out by a qualified auto-mechanic.

A caravan chassis service includes checking the following are all working correctly, clean and lubricated (where necessary) and are not showing signs of damage or wear and tear.

  • Coupling Head and Safety Catch
  • Corner Steadies
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Emergency Brakeaway Cable
  • Tyres including the Spare
  • Brakes
  • Road Lights

If you plan on towing and travelling around Europe with your caravan, we recommend you have a Chassis Service every year.

If your caravan is kept abroad in a near-by storage unit, and only towed to it’s pitch, then we recommend you have a chassis service every 2 – 3 years.

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Full Service

A Full Caravan Service comprises of a Habitation Service and a Chassis Service, and is the most thorough type of caravan service..

A Full Service every year will optimise the running of your caravan. This will ensure everything is working correctly and safely. It may also add worth when it comes to the re-sale of your caravan.

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