Check Your Caravan Tyres

As part of a Full or Chassis Service, Caravan Help Abroad will recommend when to change your Caravan Tyres.

We can change your Tyres on request.

However your Caravan Tyres should be checked regularly, especially before a long journey.

Specific caravan tyres do not exist. Caravans use tyres designed for light vans. Instead of having the weight distributed over 4 corners like a van, a single axle caravan’s weight is centered over the two wheels.

What should you be looking for?

There are 4 things you can check yourself: Wear and Tear, Tread Depth, Age, and Pressure

What about caravans kept in storage and only towed for short distances? Surely those tyres won’t need changing that often?

We hear this question a lot and actually no, the opposite is true.

Caravans which are stationary for long periods of time, or only towed short distances are prone to suffering more damage than caravans used regularly for long distance journeys.

Caravans stored for long periods of time are prone to ‘Flat Spots’ where all the weight resting on one area of the tyre has caused uneven strain. Also, tyres have anti-ageing agents, which are activated by the driving process.

If your caravan isn’t moving, the tyres aren’t ageing evenly and correctly.

Don’t forget the spare!

If your tyres are showing any signs of the above, they need to be replaced immediately.
Remove any debris stuck in the treads.

The job of the depth is not just to indicate wear and tear on the tyre, tyre tread depth also dispurses water during wet driving conditions.

The difference in wet braking distance between a tyre worn to 3mm and one worn to 1.6mm can be as much as 44%….RAC

The 5 year recommendation is the tyre age and not when you fitted the tyre.

Check the pressure when your tyres are cold – either first thing in the morning or when the caravan has been stationary for at least two hours. 
Don’t forget to check the valve is properly closed and the stem isn’t cracked or damaged.

If in doubt check with a qualified mechanic

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